Brief History Of San Diego

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San Diego is rich with history. Are you curious about the history of San Diego? If so, then read this article because it will provide you with a brief history lesson on San Diego California.

San Diego: The Early Days

Juan Cabrillo was the very first European to visit the area San Diego is in. Cabrillo left Mexico in 1542, and within three months he landed in San Diego Bay. However, this isn’t really where San Diego’s story begins, as it was in 1769 when things started to unfold. In 1769, missions were built across the state. In 1821, Mexico broke free of Spain, but then California was annexed in 1846.

San Diego: The 19th Century

San Diego’s population grew by quite a bit, and by 1850 several hundred called it home. In 1851, the Colorado House was built, which was followed by the construction of the Old Point Loma Lighthouse in 1855. In 1856, the Whaley House was constructed, and this was the first home of its kind to be built in California.

Throughout the 1860s, the population grew rapidly. The population was around 725, but then it grew to 2,300 by 1870. In 1868, Balboa Park opened its doors.

In the late 19th century, many famous buildings were erected. This included the Villa Montezuma and the Louis Bank of Commerce. The Yuma Building was also built.

San Diego: The 20th Century

Early in the 20th century, a major US naval based was created in San Diego. Unfortunately, in 1905 there was an explosion on the USS Bennington. At the time of the explosion, it was docked in San Diego, and many people were injured, and over 60 men were killed. Also, when the great depression hit in the 1930s, San Diego did quite well when compared to many other parts of the United States.

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